Accelerated Healing with Bob Raymer

How Bob discovered he was a healer:

I initially trained with a Kungfu Grandmaster who acquired healing training from Asian Corner doctors skilled in martial arts combat medicine.  That went on for almost 4 years, as I got led from one Master to another skilled in a variety of healing modalities.  I was introduced to a medical intuitive who was amazingly gifted.  She could feel what you feel, from a long distance away.  To train in such an environment was so incredibly fortunate.  She would put on Native American drumming and then would allow me to go ethereal traveling.  It was quite the experience!

Everything just fell into place simultaneously.  I was being shown a multitude of energy practitioners, the medical intuitive being the first on the list from a chance encounter who took me traveling.

As I lay on the table in a state, a scroll of petroglyphs unrolled as if I was downloading this ancient information.

For two and a half hours I was fed a series of figures, not sure what for, I just knew it occurred!

An ex nurse practitioner / alternative medicine practitioner / palmist was phenomenal, uncommonly skilled in palm reading, energy healing and was just an authentic natural healer.  Not to mention the voodoo High Priestess that came into my life from my stint working on NFL players, but that's another story!

I practiced and trained in energy healing and became quite proficient.  I was training daily with the Kung Fu Master as well as acquiring abilities from my multitude of masters.

How Bob came into this profession:

Luke, my son, was 19 years old and he played on a basketball team at McKeesport High school.  During the season he developed an ache in his right arch.  His arches were weak and his legs would cramp up.

I took him to a leading orthopaedic surgeon and their answer to his plight was tendon reattachment.

I got up and promptly walked out of the office!

The next day, I went to my friend's coffee shop where I had been going for 10 years.  As I was telling the owner about Luke's problem he turned to me and said "There is Benny, sitting right there!".  He had not been seen in the coffee shop in 10 years.  He was in prison!  

But that is another story for another time!

Benny was a Grandmaster and bet fighter, who had acquired amigo healing skills from the Asian Cornermen.

I told him of Luke's problem and he offered to help him.  He worked on Luke three times a week for three weeks, and for the next three years, Luke was able to partake in High School football, basketball and track without surgery.

During treatment, Benny turned to me one day and said he could see auras and that mine was white gold.  I was a natural healer!  I told him I was a carpenter and I knew nothing about what he spoke of.  

He said he would show me and invited me to participate in a healing session.

I watched as he worked and then he told me to lay my hands on the patient.  I did, and as I touched a meridian point my whole body was as if I had stuck my finger in an electrical outlet.  Electricity jolted through my whole being.  He told me I had tapped into her energy field, and that this was proof that I was a natural healer.  I was hooked.  I gave up my good job, my pension and life savings and took four years training, as mentioned (see above) without pay.  I have never been happier in my life.

Contact Bob at leerobertraymer@yahoo.com or call him at 707-815-7900 to learn more.