Elaine Carter

Elaine Carter teaches Lunar Vinyasa at Noble Yoga.

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About Elaine Carter

About Elaine Carter: Elaine Carter is a creative and attuned teacher who encourages you to  courageously explore your edge while you safely and playfully push through your perceived limitations.  She is driven by the recognition that all  humans have the capacity to unlock their potential, and that embodied movement, dance, meditation, and self-exploration are key vehicles to move us from the muck to the magic of life experience.

Since  2009, Elaine has studied with her beloved teachers Gina Caputo, Shiva Rea, and Shannon Paige in the Prana Flow lineage. In May 2017, she received her 500-hour certification with Gina at Colorado School of Yoga, in Integrated Vinyasa. Elaine is a dedicated student and practitioner of her teachers Guru Jagat and Harijiwan Kalsa in Kundalini lineage. For the last six years she has dedicated her time and energy as a  Director and Producer for online yoga, and is currently working as Director of Conscious Media for The Shift Network.  She blends all of her life lessons, practice, and devotion into an alchemical transmutation for her students.


Come flow, sweat, laugh, release and relax, sink deep and transform. It wouldn't be the same without you... truly.  The yogis in the room are what create our collective and personal  evolution of consciousness.

About Lunar Vinyasa: Lunar Vinyasa is an opportunity to move and flow with Grace and ease.  It’s your excuse to be juicy, move  with the music, and drop in and listen.  In honor of Mother Moon, our balance to the intensity of father Sun (solar vinyasa) you will flow  intelligently and marinate, melt, breathe, release and receive with Space.  Integrated Vinyasa on the downtempo is a perfect  combination of embodied movement, nervous system restoration, pranayama, meditation, and the nurture and love your body and soul. 

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