Kat Kaplan

Kat Kaplan teaches Slow Flow, Warm Power Flow, Chakra Activation Yoga & Mediation, Yoga Strength, and a Monthly Pranayama & Mediation Workshop.

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About Kat Kaplan

About Kat Kaplan: Kat teaches

*Slow Flow (60 mins)

*Warm Power Flow (60 mins)

*Chakra Activation Yoga & Meditation (75 mins)

*Yoga Strength (60 mins)

* Monthly Pranayama & Meditation Workshop (45 minutes)

Kat  qualified as a 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher in London, UK. Upon  graduating, she moved to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and further trained  one-on-one with Vinyasa Yoga Master, Anthony Scott, a trainee of David Swenson. There she learned the profound power  of activating the breath.

Kat taught yoga at the world-renowned Goldeneye Resort and at the  five-star Jamaica Inn Hotel, while also developing a private clientele  across the North Coast of Jamaica. 

She  loves sharing the practice of yoga. Her classes are about developing  physical fitness through movement, mental ease through focus and  connection to one’s higher self through breath and awareness. To Kat, yoga  is about building bridges with the breath, from one posture to the  next, into the present moment, to the heart and into greater  consciousness, for mind – body – soul connection.

She recently moved to Sonoma to share her healing arts practice, KA Light Healing.  Take a look at Kat's website to learn more!

About Kat Kaplan's Classes:

Slow Flow:

Slow  Flow is a yoga practice in which postures 'flow' into one another,  connected by breath, Slow flow brings the element of time into the  practice. Poses are refined allowing a person to  become familiar with his, or her body, in the reflective pauses,  creating the space to go inward.  This class is a therapeutic dance  of  moving meditation.

Chakra Activation Flow & Meditation Class: 

Chakra  Activation Yoga & Meditation is a flow designed to activate and  balance each chakra from root to crown ending with a deep group  meditation.

Yoga Strength:

Yoga   Strength introduces dynamic movements and strength building exercises  into your yoga practice to encourage muscle and endurance development. Increased strength and endurance unlock new  possibilities for your  flow. 

Pranayama & Meditation Workshops:

Held on the 1st Sunday of every month at 5pm.

Kat  will be guiding you through a group pranayama and meditation for 45  minutes. Pranayama is a focused breathing practice that brings your  conscious awareness into the present so you can journey within and experience expansion during meditation, which is a  time to sit in stillness and enjoy the experience of being alive. Both  practices are restorative.

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