Lila Taff

Lila Taff teaches a Warm Vinyasa Flow class and a Power Flow class at Noble Yoga.

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About Lila Taff

My teaching style, in three words:  Deep. Authentic. Fun!

What you can expect in my class:  A vigorous flow, accompanied by dynamic music, sprinkled with bhakti  (yoga of devotion) and bookended with kirtan (chanting sacred mantra).

Warm Vinyasa Flow Description:  Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga,  connecting and coordinating Asana movement with breath inhalation and  exhalation. This linking of breath with movement allows for a powerful  energy building experience creating strength and flexibility throughout  the body, and deep relaxed clarity for the mind. Releases toxins  encouraging increased strength through this flowing sequence.  Temperatures of 80 – 85 degrees.

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You can find my classes on our class schedule.  Click below to sign up!  See you soon!

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