Lilly Mack

Lilly Mack teaches a Warm Power Flow and great music class at Noble Yoga.

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About Lilly Mack

About Lilly  Mack:  Lilly Mack is a fierce-fun-loving-hip hop dancing-mermaid-yogini who lives  for spontaneity, travel, adventures, good wine, great friends, world  changing pieces of writing, life altering pieces of art, a baller  sunset, buying a random plane ticket at the drop of a hat, and spending  moments hiding in some of the most mysterious corners of the world.  Lilly truly found her home on the mat in college as a way to manage  stress, as a way to visualize, imagine, and see a life filled with  adventure and peace. Yoga helped to bring that sense of ease that  everything is happening just as it is supposed to. What started as a way  to manage the college lifestyle eventually exploded into a way of life –  a way to walk around this beautiful spinning orb a little lighter, and a  little brighter. Lilly completed her RYT-200 in April 2014 at The  Absolute Yoga Academy in Koh Samui, Thailand studying under Michel  Besnard and Roslyn Ying. Lilly is passionate about teaching fun, upbeat,  and entertaining classes. She is passionate about lifting ones energy  from the moment you step onto the mat.  Lilly  has an insatiable passion for the world and travel. She is passionate  about the ocean and all of the creatures that call the ocean home  specifically dolphins, whales, turtles and mermaids. When she is not on  the mat you can find her on an airplane, at a cozy bookstore drinking  coffee and reading the classics (or planning her next trip),  shopping/eating/drinking/practicing locally #1ndy, at a Beyoncé concert,  or tucked away under a palm tree staring out at a vast and sparkling  sea in one of the worlds mysterious corners and laughing with soul  mates.

What you can expect from Lilly Mack's classes:  To be physically challenged while always feeling comfortable  to take breaks. Always challenging her students to remember that every  body is different. And as always you can 100% expect at least one  Beyoncé song and a savasana sweat angel to be left on your mat.

Warm Power Flow and great music description:  Heated power vinyasa class. Expect a fun, fast paced,  upbeat class with some AWESOME music!! Each week we will focus on sun  salutations, twists, bends, arm balances, and inversions. Every class  will have a theme and a peak pose. Level 2/3 class, all levels welcomed  however having taken a class or two before is encouraged! Expect a super  yummy meditation at the beginning and an incredible Savasana at the end  that will leave you relaxed, inspired and smiling!!!

Take a class with me!

You can find my classes on our class schedule.  Click below to sign up!  See you soon!


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