Marjorie Pier

Marjorie Pier teaches a Vinyasa Flow class at Noble Yoga.

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About Marjorie Pier

About Marjorie Pier:  In this flow class I will always highlight the  importance of focus on your alignment and foundation, to provide a wise  and safe place for your practice to flourish! Each class is an  experience of strength through the flow, where music naturally becomes  an integral part of your yoga, inspiring, flexibility, strength and  focus from within. The amazing benefits spiritually, mentally, and  physically that yoga has given me encouraged me to become a certified  teacher 10 years ago. I have been lucky enough to practice yoga for the  past 17 years. Yoga has healed me, supported me, and accompanied me  through many travels, and brought me to many beautiful places including  this studio! 

Vinyasa Flow Description:  Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga,  connecting and coordinating Asana movement with breath. This linking of  breath with movement allows for a powerful energy building experience,  building strength and flexibility throughout the body, and deep relaxed  clarity for the mind. Releases toxins, encouraging increased strength  through this flowing sequence. Sequencing will vary with instructor.

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