Paul Martinez

Paul Martinez teaches a Alignment Based Hatha Level 2-3 class at Noble Yoga.

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About Paul Martinez

My teaching style, in three words:  Alignment Based Hatha

What you can expect in my class:  Exploring a physical range of movement using established postures  (Asana) to build strength, flexibility, and breath. Expect to move and  be challenged as we move from pose to pose.

Alignment Based Hatha Level 2-3 Description:  This Hatha Based flow will encourage you through an  introspective process of self-inquiry and response to safely discovering  the approach to your personal physical range. This class will integrate  therapeutic principles while moving slowly and deeply into  alignment-focused asana, targeting the release of stress, tension, and  areas of holding in the body and mind. We will be using breathwork to  lead us and advance our yoga practice.

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