Sally Mitchell

Sally Mitchell teaches a Energizing Vinyasa Flow Level 2-3 class at Noble Yoga.

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About Sally Mitchell

My teaching style, in three words: Safe, Strong, Supportive.

What you can expect in my class:  An energizing vinyasa flow practice, integrating creative and  thoughtfully designed sequences, movement with the breath, strengthening  and lengthening, detoxing and pranayama. A safe yet challenging  practice, leaving you feeling energized yet relaxed, and with a deeper  connection and awareness of mind, body, soul.

Energizing Vinyasa Flow Level 2-3 Description:  An energizing flow, integrating creative and thoughtfully  designed sequences, movement with the breath, strengthening and  lengthening, detoxing and pranayama. This is a challenging yet safe  practice, where modifications and options will be provided for different  levels, playing with some arm balances, backbends, and inversions if  you choose, and cooling down with some deep stretches to restore the  body and mind. Level 2/3 class, all levels welcomed however having taken  a class or two before is encouraged! 

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