Steven Narasimha

Steven Narasimha teaches a Yoga Blender class at Noble Yoga.

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About Steven Narasimha

About Steven Narasimha:  Steven has been  practicing yoga for over 12 years. He likes it. And he really likes  standing on his head. He also does Capoeira, gardening, dancing,  massage, and music.

Yoga Blender Description:  The Blender offers a creative exploration of movement,  sound, breath, and heart from a foundation of yoga & tantra  practices. At times we will take the yoga principles of alignment into  creative play, unbound by the mat, awakening our balance, strength,  flexibility, and connection from our Heartfull center. This class  involves a moderate level of physical challenge and sets a safe  container for us to challenge other areas of our self. Come join us for  fun journey into wholeness!

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